Kim is a self-taught artist and has put those skills to work in every facet of her life…. especially drawn on a daily basis to paint, canvas, brushes and palette knives…she is strongly influenced by her garden, the beach, and nature…all with this desire: 
“Wherever you are, be all there! Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” Jim Elliot

For Kim, the process of painting has become the next step in appreciating God’s great creativity through nature and color. The more Kim paints the more she believes that God reveals to her an important truth… that using whatever talents she is given, great or small, are for His Glory and never for her own.

Currently, florals and flower ladies are Kim’s passions. Flower Ladies represent women of diversity whether it is cultural, geographical, ethnic, political or religious background. They represent women who may or may not look like you but these women exemplify the strength and kindness that does not see their diversities as walls.

Flower Ladies are the kind of women you meet that draw people together and you think to yourself “I want to know her, I want to be her friend…I want to be like HER!” The flowers simply are representative of each of their characters so actually of course they are symbolic and invisible…but there is something different about these women…they are women of character, integrity, kindness…they may not accept all your beliefs, look like you, pray as you do, dress as you do, but they accept YOU.
 Kim names each of these women as she paints them and gives them a short bio.

Painting floral arrangements is also a major portion of Kim’s daily painting. She is heavily influenced by her own gardens and says that you cannot spend that much time gardening and not want to paint what you see. Kim’s education includes a Master’s Degree in elementary education and is co-founder of Sweet Pea Designs personalized fine stationery. Painting has always been a part of her life.