Lucy Reiser graduated in 2014 from Georgia College with a degree in Studio Art. After a few months of studying and working in Cortona, Italy, and teaching high school art, she has been working full-time as an artist in Atlanta. Her work can be found in galleries and private collections throughout the US. Lucy currently lives on the East side of Atlanta and works from her studio space in Roswell. Lucy’s paintings are inspired by storytelling, and the power stories have to invite us into beauty and rest. Colors, textures, and marks in her paintings are inspired by elements of the environments in which our narratives take place: architecture, textiles, and details found in nature. 

Palette decisions for Lucy

Lucy’s impressionistic and landscape works serve as invitations to embrace exploration, play, rest, and stillness. Her abstract work is a reflection on the mystery in creation that does not always translate into words.

Sketch books are a must for Lucy Reiser

Lucy Reiser has a fabulous studio.

All of Lucy Reiser’s work is intended to serve as a reminder of the Good, Beautiful, and True. The paintings are inspired by the colors and textures in everything from Vogue to garden beds, as well as experiential elements of conversations, music, travel, and poetry.

Bringing nature and light onto the canvas