“I open myself to all experience as a path to remember divinity.”

Another completed painting in Pam Sukhum's studio.

Pamela Sukhum’s paintings are characterized by rich colors, textures, and warm radiant energy.  Her use of both broad sweeping lines and delicate intricate details give her work a depth and dimension truly unique in the art world.  Pamela’s art is fueled by spiritual and human connections forged during her journeys around the globe, from the monasteries of Tibet to the refugee camps of Africa.

Art on the rocks!

Formerly a researcher in Cardiovascular Health and Electrophysiology, Pamela left the biomedical field in 2003 to pursue her true passion:  Painting.  With barely enough money in hand for the first month’s rent, she moved into her downtown Minneapolis studio space to begin her new journey.  Years later, Pamela’s paintings are featured in the most prominent fine art galleries in North America, Canada, and Dubai, both reigniting the fire of seasoned art connoisseurs, and sparking a new generation of fine art collectors.  Amongst other honors, she was awarded the prestigious Director’s Choice Award at ArtExpo New York.

The world of Pamela Sukhum

Pamela’s corporate collections include Ernst and Young, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Deloitte, and Clifford Chance Worldwide – Dubai.  Pamela has added memorable painting performances to her repertoire including a recent painting performance to celebrate the Governors Mansion 100thAnniversary.

Pam's Art demo in Minnesota

Sukhum, an avid traveler, has studied and deepened her creative spirit in Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, South America, and Africa.  Through her “Beautiful Project”, Pamela has worked with underprivileged children and communities in Africa, Central America, and the United States– helping them use art as a healing and self-empowering force in their lives.

The Beautiful Project is incredible.

Painting complete in Africa

 “In my desire to share my experiences along this path, I paint that which is difficult for me to express in words. I hope that you may find yourself feeling invited into experience.  I hope you enjoy.” 

A wide selection of Pamela Sukhum’s original works of art are available at Gallery Vibe in Naples, Florida throughout the year.