Sandra Brett

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Charleston, SC artist Sandra Brett started painting seriously as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania.  She then completed an MFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Most recently, she teaches Studio and Art History at the Art Institute of Charleston. Sandra believes in giving back to the community and has created a variety of art historical and educational programs in Charleston. Her work is relished by collectors nationally and is exhibited in noteworthy galleries throughout the southeast.

“I celebrate life through the action of painting and mark making.  Calligraphy fascinates me.  Moreover, the complexity of paint layers, movement, and the relationship of color and light provide endless challenges for interpretation.  When my paintings relate to my environment, I strive to create a fresh, immediate response while maintaining the integrity of my subject.

My current work interprets the South Carolina marsh, which is always in flux. I enjoy the energy of these constant changes, from channels of water meandering through the marsh in bright sunlight to marsh grass emerges from lifting fog. Among my influences, I respond to the brushwork of Velasquez and the strong design elements of Degas.  I may try to imbue one painting with the spirituality of color field painters such as Mark Rothko, and in another art piece I seek the boldness of Joan Mitchell.  All of these forces combine to inspire my artistic process.”