Amy Dixon

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Born and raised in Louisiana, Colorado-based artist Amy Dixon studied studio art and painting at the Newcomb College of Tulane University, and completed her post-graduate studies at Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy. In addition, she has taken masters classes with Kim English in Denver, as well as participated in workshops by Wolf Kahn in New York. Her work has twice been featured on the front cover of The Aspen Times, and the February/March 2014 edition of Traditional Home. In addition, Dixon has published two books with Pelican Publishing Co, “The Cajun Night After Christmas,” and “Whose Tripping Under My Bridge?

Dixon approaches painting much as she does her life: intuitively with free expression. “Anything is possible if the art spirit is right.” Direct observation of everyday life and a keen sense of what will work on canvas fuels her passion for exploring fresh subjects as well as revisiting old favorites. The work is about color, immediacy and an intuitive response to the world around her.

Inspiration is drawn from paying attention to the moment and recognizing ideas that connect with the soul…color, form, mood, light, music, conversation, dreams. Dixon’s personal journey challenges her to investigate peace, harmony, chaos, fears, stress and laughter of the day… to reveal and paint in response to this LIFE and all its complexities. Going back to her Louisiana roots and the familiar “laissez le bon temps roule”…that is, “let the good times roll” on the canvas! …and she does.

Extensive travels contribute to her never-ending courage to explore new ideas and concepts. We have enjoyed Amy’s body of work, a mixture of abstract and creative still lifes, and now we are delighted to introduce a new series of work for this special exhibition.

Inspired by the energy conveyed through paint manipulation and bold confidence, “Unbridled” serves to harness the emotion she has towards life. Dixon’s reactive brush strokes bring a new sense of life to the subject matter, which is even further amplified by her vibrant color palate. Amy creates a particular dialogue with the viewer as her work embraces the uncertainties life has to offer and an inquisitive eye. In order to create movement in her work, she focuses on living in the present moment and following her creative impulses as she encounters them.