Ashley Provencher

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Ashley was born in Beverly, MA and was constantly by the ocean or on a beach, the peacefulness and movement of the ocean is a big influence in Ashley’s Work. In May of 2012, Ashley graduated from Montserrat College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. That summer she lived in New Orleans for three months; helping in charter schools, rebuilding houses, and working on urban farms. She was inspired by the people, culture, and vivid colors the city had to offer, as well as the calm and serenity outside the city in the bayou.

“The colors, depth and layers of New Orleans really transformed my way of painting. I work with multiple layers of paint; I want the viewer to look at my paintings and notice something new and exciting each time they see it.

My interest is landscape, emphasizing the colors and energy that come from the space. I’m inspired by the friction and layers where surface planes meet –where colors meld and clash, flowing back and forth between movement and stability – where land, sea, and sky are all encompassed.

I’m not trying to capture the physical likeness of a space but rather the space your memory and imagination takes you to. I want the viewer to experience the moment as if they are standing there with me.”

“I paint because it makes me feel alive. It challenges me, surprises me and allows me to release creativity into something beautiful.”