Carla Goldberg

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For more than a decade, Carla has worked primarily with resins and water concepts in one form or another. She combines these non-traditional, industrial materials with traditional art mediums where her inventiveness pushes her materials constantly into new forms. The resulting work is at once intricate and bold yet ethereal.

Carla’s artworks can be seen on permanent display in the lobby of The Marriott in Waikik, Hawaii, at the Historic Breakers in Palm Beach and aboard Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas.

“I have been working on this series of mixed media paintings since January of 2009. In “Bodice of the Goddess- the Secret Life of the Hudson River”, I give liberal license to the stories behind the histories, myths and legends of the Hudson River exploring the playful and vengeful sides of the River Goddesses of the Hudson. It is the interaction of Goddess affections and jealousies, in play with Earth, water and the human world that puts the viewer as witness to the wave action and radical weather phenomena unveiling before their eyes.

“Many of my images appear to look like aerial photographs or topographical maps. They are in fact dimensional mixed media paintings utilizing many traditional and non-traditional materials like acrylic, latex and oil paints, drywall compound, ink, powdered micas and resin. Some materials are simply found either around the house or from walks in nature. My paintings evolve in multiple layers of paint and materials all embedded in layer upon layer of resin. Anything I find interesting or unusual is fair game. For me, resin is a metaphor for water. The layering of materials in resin is meant to make you feel as if you were seeing through water.”