Grant Schexnider

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New Orleans artist Grant Schexnider was born in Arnaudville, Louisiana, in 1969. Upon receiving his BFA from LSU in 1993, he moved to Chicago. In 2006 he received his MFA in visual art from the University of Chicago. He returned to Louisiana in 2014 and lives and works in New Orleans.
His current work reflects New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana through its iconic objects, architecture, nature, and history. A recurring subject, the cocktail, began in 2010 with a painting of a Sazerac, done as part of his first New Orleans themed series of paintings.
“One of my favorite subjects (within my New Orleans themed series of paintings) is the cocktail, started in 2010 with a painting of a Sazerac done as part of a series. Since then, the cocktail has held my attention. I’m fascinated with both
 their physical and psychological qualities, as well as their link with New Orleans history. Inherently abstract, even non-representational, they offer up lots of painterly play: the garnishes, ice, liquidity, condensation, colors, and glassware, to name a few. Begging for loose, drippy, think/thin, and hazy paint application, their physical attributes merge, through paint on canvas, with our feelings and reactions while enjoying them.”
Another favorite New Orleans related source is John James Audubon prints of Louisiana birds.
Schexnider’s paintings hang in many private and public collections. He was recently included in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s 2017 Louisiana Contemporary (Presented by the Hellis Foundation).