Hillary Butler

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Tennessee artist, Hillary Butler combines the purity of minimalism with a fresh-picked palette, bold brush work and invigorating movement. She often utilizes a palette knife as well- joyfully celebrating the texture of her medium.

Hillary is a proud, born-and-raised Memphian. She loves being in a city where creative inspiration is plentiful- the blues, folk art, the Mississippi River, and vast open fields on the drive to her grandmother’s home. Having grown up surrounded by southern scenery, she draws on the land for her inspiration. Her work has been gaining a lot of momentum as of late. She is honored to have her work on ABC’s hit show, Nashville, and to have her work featured on the Better Homes and Garden’s blog.

Hillary’s passion for interiors, spatial arrangement, and interaction of subject and color also play a huge roll in the development of her pieces. She pulls inspiration from interior magazines and textiles for palettes and proportions of color. Her work captures the constant ebb and flow of movement within a landscape with bold strokes of oil color.

“Talk to me long enough and I’ll bend your ear about the process and growth. I love the fact that we’re all a work in progress- we’re never done. My work is a constantly evolving process- one that I hope keeps growing and changing over time. In each piece, I hope you see that tension between a finished composition and a reminder that we aren’t done yet. The goal of my work is to find truth in each stroke, to embrace the process of letting go and accepting the fact that we still have room to grow.”