Janet Bludau

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I was born and raised in Southern California. My formal studies include a Business Administration/Marketing degree, participation in the UC Berkeley Extension Art Program and the College of Marin Art and Design Program. After living eight years in northern California and another five in Hawaii, I returned home in 1993.
Color, Application and Abstraction are the focus for me. I am more interested in color combinations and juxtapositions than in capturing exactly what the eye sees in nature. I like to apply color that stretches past realism. The entire feel of a painting changes with the addition of just a speck of new color.

Many of my paintings are now executed with the help of various palette knifes, creating depth and sumptuousness. It is not only the end result of thick paint being pleasing to the eye, but the wonderful experience in the application. The process of spreading buttery oil paint is like frosting a cake or playing in the sand.

The abstraction that can be found within landscapes is also very interesting to me. Graphic flirtation of various perspectives, playing with line and shape is a big focus right now. I find myself being drawn to compositions with distinctive geometric shapes and lines.