Jaycee Oliver

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Jaycee Oliver is an intuitive, abstract artist, working in acrylic on canvas or wood panel, and often including graphite and charcoal.

“I am deeply drawn to exploring the relationship between the seen and the unseen – the ‘as within so without’ – of existence in both my life and my artwork. I believe my inner world and outer reality are connected. As such, my paintings are a reflection of my personal journey, giving the viewer a glimpse into my thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams and experiences. In my loft studio, I work intuitively on paintings – adding, removing, layering and blending – until the seen and the unseen harmonize with my spirit and resonate with my soul. When it seems as if there is nothing left to express, I let the paintings be with the belief that they will find, speak to and feed the soul of the perfect collector.

I truly believe that we are all interconnected, moving through similar experiences with common hopes and dreams. If that is so, perhaps one of my art pieces will find you and speak to your soul, too.”