Jenny Schultz

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I try not to take myself or my work too seriously. I have a humorous and somewhat whimsical outlook on both life and creation. Painting is a need for me, a required part of living. If I am not creating, then I am not breathing. It really is that simple. My career goal is to continually reinvent myself artistically. My inspiration is in the colors and textures and motion all around me. Fabrics, nature, sounds and music all speak continuously to my creative mind. I love to study the mid century modernists and also Sargeant, Bodini, Van Gogh and many other of the greats. My career focus is to conduct myself with integrity, respect and appreciation for all who have helped me. If I live that way, then my art will speak for itself.

In one of my first adult art classes I whipped out a bright fuschia sky on my landscape and an orange house. The woman painting next to me leaned over and asked “Are you on drugs?” I knew then I had found my voice. As one mentor told me “You have a lot to say in your work. So get out of my class and get painting.” I began then to show and to sell my work. While I have been described as self taught, I have had the wonderful generosity and support of mentors and teachers such as Gary Bodner, Nancy Franke, Donna Thomas, Dixie Purvis, Cynthia Packard and Tim Horn. I have also enjoyed an incredible group of artists, gallery owners, friends and collectors.

When I am not painting, I am a parent to three, wife to one. I am a late stage, neurological lyme disease patient and work a great deal with others who are ill to find testing and medical care, and am involved with political advocacy for this plague. I am obsessed with my giant Siberian Shepherd dog who makes sure that I laugh as much as possible.

A wonderful client once wrote that she was on a home tour and saw one of my paintings. “It was as if the room stood still and all I could see was this spectacular focal point that made everything around it pale by comparison. Your style, texture and palette have that unique ability to bring a room to life!” That is all I could ask for!