Kathleen Denis

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Kathleen Denis, a native South Floridian, was first given art lessons at the age of four.  Earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Miami she continued in this profession for the following ten years.   With a desire to be a painter, she then studied under several noted artists, including Jeanne Dobie, Kenn Backhaus, Camille Przewodek, Colin Page and Mike Rooney.

Since 1994, Kathleen has painted professionally in watercolors and oils and her work has been exhibited in NYC, Atlanta, California and Florida. Becoming one of the nation’s leading “licensed artists” since 1998, Kathleen’s artwork can found in home décor stores, interior design showrooms and fine gift shops- as prints, wallpaper, kitchenware and textiles.

Presently, Kathleen shows her original oil paintings in fine art galleries, regional exhibits, and in juried “plein air” events.  Using a “painterly,” impressionistic style, she is recognized and awarded with great acceptance.  The effect of light on her subject is a great challenge and goal in each of her paintings, hence, captivating the viewer with it and thereby creating an emotional response.  Finding much of her inspiration from nature, coastal scenes and quaint cottages, the impressions of peace and solitude, a hallmark of her work, invite the viewer into each scene to spend time resting, reading and praying.  She believes that her art is simply an extension of God’s hand working through her and often declares, “I like to think that He just lets me hold the brush.”

Kathleen currently resides in the Florida Keys with her husband, Jeff, and their three adorable Yorkies- Barney, Ruby and Callie.