Kelly Aldridge

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Originally from St. Petersburg, FL, emerging artist Kelly Aldridge now lives and works in Dallas, TX. Her paintings are high impact texture with a sense of glamour and edge. She is mostly influenced by bold textures and high contrast details. Her style is oversized/statement pieces that create a powerful draw to each space. Her use of texture with heavy bold tones creates works that are stylish and edgy. She has a love for black and white, pearlescent metallics and bright contrasting color. Kelly is a former model and actress and likes to combine her fashion industry experience with her artistic passion to combine both worlds. She’s been painting for 13 years and is inspired mostly by fashion, interior design as well as street art.

Kelly’s works give off the “wow factor” in their size, composition and detail and she describes them as ‘high fashion art’ as many works have a glamorous appeal to them. Her work draws attention and class just like fashion does. Some of her work has a “less is more” approach as many things in life, simplicity and knowing when to stop is valuable. Her passion is to create artwork that brings a touch of style into each space. Kelly’s goal as an artist is to creatively match artworks with clients who seek to enhance their space with statement worthy pieces. She believes a real painting is the focal point of a room and that walls shouldn’t be an afterthought.