Neicy Frey

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Neicy Frey infuses her organic hard-edge abstractions with mood and movement. She uses compositions of solid color fields to evoke emotions and tell stories. Neicy collects inspiration for her paintings while traveling, and then brings them to life in her sunny home studio in Spokane, WA.

Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions around the Pacific Northwest US. She has worked as a commercial artist for companies like Anthropologie and Trader Joe’s, and has collaborated with local businesses in her community to create large-scale public murals and installations.

“There is a strength that comes from attention to the senses, the physical experience.  Bringing concepts into form through painting connects me with this and deepens the understanding of my personal experience, emotions and memories. To stir emotion, to trigger a memory, to elevate the quality of experience in a space: this is what my intention is in creating and sharing my work.

In creating each piece, I have a constant internal negotiation running between minimalist and maximalist. I love texture and pattern but crave simplicity and stillness. Painting hard-edge abstractions gives me a structure to bounce off of and keeps the overall simplicity of the design intact. The subject matter is less important to me than the feeling or mood of the artwork. I spend a lot of time creating the perfect dynamic between shapes on the canvas. The interplay of colors is very important to me and something I really enjoy. I would describe my work as bold, sensual and lyrical.

I was born in Spokane, Washington, grew up in Southeast Asia and moved back to the Northwest about 25 years ago. I love to travel, but the slow vibe of my small hometown Spokane, with its easy access to wide open spaces, allows my creativity to ramble. The simple Northwest lifestyle has afforded me the ability to follow my creative pursuits while raising children. My traveling experiences in Southeast Asia are a constant influence on the art that I make, as well as the natural world, music and the mystic.”