Sally Cummings

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Sally Cummings (Shisler) is recognized as a Contemporary Impressionist painter with a unique ability to create vibrant, color rich paintings exclusively with palette knives. Her signature, loose and expressionist style evokes the essence of the artist’s presence long after the painting is off the easel.

In 2014, Sally authored and published a book called “Palette Knife Paintings of the Figure. ” She teaches workshops and private instruction both in the Orlando area (where she lives) and in other locations around the country. Sally continues to receive accolades, not only for her uniquely beautiful paintings, but also for her positive and encouraging ways with students.

“For me, painting ‘lively’ images that connect best with viewers requires painting from life. When the moment is right, I don’t worry much about content because I trust my gut reaction to what I’m seeing and how I’m responding. But I better have my supplies and skills ready to go! If the right ingredients are there, my focus can be on the basic but crucial elements of shape, color, value and composition. If I’m lucky, all things jibe and I hit my mark. Whatever the subject, the process involves being ready for the elusive moment when all things might actually come together. For me, great painting is a perfect mix of planning and spontaneity.”

Sally’s work is housed in residential and corporate collections internationally.