Tamara Lepianka

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I am a native Kentucky artist living just outside of Louisville. I am self-taught and have been creating all of my life. My earliest memories are of paper and paint. I find my inspiration in materials. The mediums and means of making. I am hopelessly in love with the shapes, textures, and glaze techniques of Japanese pottery, and strive to emulate many of those beautiful characteristics in my paintings. My preferred color palettes are neutral and are intended to enhance, but never compete, with the composition of a piece.

My hope is to elicit a desire to look closer, or even touch the work, in an attempt to discern its details. That the beauty is not in the boldness of the piece, but in the subtle allure of its character. My works are now primarily in encaustic, although I am continually experimenting with new processes and materials to enhance my artistic practice. I consider all my creative endeavors to be adventures in discovery. To find new ways to look at traditional practices. Experiments to push my own knowledge of materials and tools.

What is encaustic?

Encaustic medium is a mixture of beeswax and damar resin. This combination creates a durable, archival medium that has been used by artists as far back at the 5th century B.C. Originally used to waterproof ships the coloring of the wax with pigments eventually led to decorating ships with iconography. There are surviving encaustic paintings from ancient times that are 3,500 years old, some of which are part of the Egyptian collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and museums around the world.