Tammy Staab

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Tammy Staab would tell you that her way into the art world has been very unconventional. After a successful career as a pharmacist/mother and countless adult education classes at the Cincinnati Art Academy and The Center of the Arts Bonita Springs, Tammy decided to make art her new focus in 2015. Since then, Tammy has studied under acclaimed painters Theresa Girard and Nicholas Wilton.

Tammy’s intuitive process starts in a spiritual way through layered biblical scripture, thoughts, and color. Each new layer added on top is a reaction to the previous layers, with a finished painting emerging from the canvas. Her canvases are textural with a great amount of depth within each piece.

“My work is informed by the beauty found in the natural world of coastal Naples, FL where I reside. From the warmth of the pallet that sunset holds to the cool blues of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the beauty and emotion of these daily experiences are what I’m trying to convey in my work.  Within my work, I seek peace and serenity from the hectic pace of life.”