Ursula Capelletti

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Originally from Germany, Ursula Cappelletti has lived in Southwest Florida since 1996. Her studies and interest in art transcend boundaries, initially in her career in print and advertising and later in fine art. The artwork she has created has stretched across a number of materials, such as fiber, fabric, plastic, aluminum, copper, and more recently paint.

Ursula studied Fiber Art for 6 years at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Brussels. There she completed a multi-faceted curriculum which included intense attention in areas of drawing and color studies.

In the past, the artist’s career was predominantly focused on advertising. However, since Ursula’s move to Florida she has been able to dedicate all of her time and attention towards creating original works of art for private and corporate collectors.

Artist Statement

“Combining colors is for me the most enjoyable part of creating art. I see the direction of a composition to be determined by the colors and materials as they speak to me. I use brush, palette knife and even my hands as tools for applying paints and mediums. During the creative process, both touch and music play an important role in defining my art, as I use combinations of colors, textures and highlights to evoke a rich, multi-sensory experience.”