Cris Woloszak

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Born in the Big Apple- New York City, from a young age Cris Woloszak was destined for big things. Growing up Cris fell in love with fast cars and when his family moved down to South Florida Cris found a new passion; the ocean. Cris took his love of custom painted cars, combined with his new love for marine life and in 2005 launched his Jaws of Fire Collection. This collection is a combination of automotive paint and hand laid flames airbrushed onto a fiberglass marine taxidermy mold. The first shark Cris placed in an art gallery sold within 3 hours of being hung on the wall. The rest of his success soon followed.

With an ever-expanding collector base in 2012 Cris caught the eye of Disney Fine Art. His unique paint combinations, way of making metal work come to life and talent for creating light on his artwork, made him a perfect fit as a licensed Disney Artist.

Each piece Cris makes is a reflection on his everyday life mixing vibrant candy colors with marine surroundings. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same due to the fact that they are all originals, which make all of his pieces highly collectable. The pieces he makes are made from the finest materials including custom hand mixed candy colors, cut and ground aluminum, hand laid flame, tribal and other designs taking an extensive amount of time for the pieces to come to perfection.

In 2018, Cris joyfully released his newest works- developed with passion and diligence for the last two years. He has created a series of sculptures that combine the top qualities of all his works into one. By balancing layers of opaque and translucent color, the light is able to cascade through each section of the sculpture to alter not only the artwork, but the entire space surrounding the sculpture. Using his expertise, he developed a way to layer a mixture of glass, lucite, and proprietary composites to form a near 300-pound block, which then gets carved into individual sections and hand formed from that point. These carefully modeled sections then come together and are constructed into one structure. Due to the intricacies of the process and the organic nature of the layering, no piece can ever be replicated the same way. Instead, each sculpture has its own distinct characteristics, color profile, and inspiration.

Cris currently lives in the Space Coast of Florida where he surrounds himself with his passions: Surfing, Classic Cars and Marine wildlife.