“To match or not to match” is an age old question! The best advice you can follow is your own, personal instinct. This is your space, and it has to feel right to your senses. Do keep in mind however, that if you plan on exactly matching your art to the color palette of your walls, fabrics and rugs, this direction can give your home a corporate, and less personal “model home” feel.

Daring splashes of color in your art that are not anywhere else in a room can add just the right punch- giving your home a signature flare beyond the ordinary.

Even a touch of a primary color such as a “red” in a painting can add just the right pizazz to a room’s soft white and cool pastel palette…

Be open to adventure. Once you open up your palette in your home, you’ll never again deny yourself those spectacular pink lilies when they’re in season, or the unusual, colorful objects that speak to your heart while traveling to foreign lands. Mx it up, express yourself, and live life to its fullest!