Throw out the rule book when it comes to the size or placement of your art. There is no “exact formula” when determining this factor. Oversized works of art add a dramatic elegance, while the off-centering of a painting can transcend a room from the ordinary to the charismatic.

The placement of an art collection is measureless, and certainly doesn’t have to be limited to the center of each wall.

Not every wall needs to be filled. Key areas of empty space pay homage to the space itself- your architect will thank you!

Have a favorite piece but it’s not large enough to command the area above your sofa? Flank it with smaller works or sconces…

Rules? Yes, they’re made to be broken. For instance, it’s the general rule of thumb for a work of art to be smaller than the piece of furniture below it. However, in some cases the room itself beckons something much larger.

Back up, open your eyes and take in your room’s suggestions… you’ll be amazed by the options that await. Most of all, enjoy the process and the outcome will surely fulfill your heart’s desire!