French artist Christiane Rancelot has always had a particular interest in people and in movement. Her work reflects her emotions. She shares her time between homes in Bordeaux France, and Naples, Florida.  After several years of drawing nude models, Christiane has continued to commence her process with snapshots that illustrate her ephemeral starting point. Her latest interpretations of water are compositions seen through the filter of blurred, crazy and changing reflections. Such transparencies ultimately deconstruct the image and render it abstract. These fleeting water-light interactions force the painter to constantly reassess what is abstract and what is figurative. The subject is only a pretext, with the artist’s ultimate interest being the depiction of light.

Emotionally, Christiane’s current work awakens us to our childhood memories of well-being and joy when amidst water. Her many nieces and nephews as well as their friends serve as models for her current work.

“I grew up in the industrial city of Roubaix, in northern France, and spent all my free time in a beautiful art deco swimming pool where I loved to swim and escape into another universe. Today, painting is also a means of escapism and finding liberty. It is my passion for creativity which really transports me.


I paint trying to preserve the authentic character of what matters most to me, and what attracts me and corresponds to my aesthetic sense.  I have a particular interest in people and in movement.  Although my representations are unique, they may often give an impression of “déjà vu” – a child swimming, a girl with a pearl earring (harking back to Vermeer), a man with tattoos… I create what truly resonates with my emotions, awakens childhood memories and gives me the feeling of connecting with others. It is my passion for creativity that really transports me.”