Fulfilling a passion for collecting while still respecting the design elements of a space can be challenging, but utterly magnificent when the variance of scale, color, shape and form create a symphony for the eyes. Any room or hallway can be transformed into a celebration of what moves your soul, and “gallery walls” always provide space for adding even more treasures as life unveils new experiences.

Staircases through the centuries, in castles, chateaus and villas, have always made soaring showcases for the prized masterpieces of generations. Such a sweeping effect can connect the lower and upper levels of any home with endless possibilities.

In creating a gallery wall, staggering heights is the key. Artwork can be installed at, below or above eye level to connect and enhance all element’s of a room’s design.


The continuity of framing can fuse a diversity of color and size in the elements of a collection- making an entire wall a room’s signature statement.


For those who love the eclectic, a variety of mediums, framing, color and scale can turn an entry or focal wall into a reflection of one’s appreciation and sensibility.


A gallery of fine art certainly transforms any home into one’s castle!