In the summer of 2017, award winning Florida artist, Kathleen Broaderick, opened her own studio called CHROMA in Santa Rosa Beach. As a former elementary school art teacher, CHROMA allows Kathleen to combine her personal art studio and love of teaching in one place. Great care was taken in designing the gallery and studio space to make it a beautiful experience for all who visit. Students are inspired by Kathleen’s hands-on instruction and direction towards an energetic, loose and colorful style.

Kathleen has been described as being able to perfectly seize the essence of her subjects. She deftly captures the essence of her subjects with a bold use of clean color and light. This is created with loose brushstrokes that result in fresh, relatable pieces. Art has been part of Kathleen Broaderick’s life for as long as she can remember.


“Art has greatly impacted my life,” Kathleen states. “From that art class I took in college to taking classes wherever we moved around the country. My family was my focus for a very long time, but I’ve always had art in my back pocket and have always taken classes. When my children were older, art became more of my focus and something I could really get into and share with other people. While we were in Chicago I was so lucky to find a wonderful teacher, Jim Wisnowski, who I was able to study with for four years,” she says. “I worked in advertising and was a meeting planner while we were up there, but every Saturday I would go to Jim’s class with a group and we would paint. I really learned so much there that it was easy to, after starting a family, have that foundation.”