Breaking the norm is a common thread in our blogs, and nothing adds more diversity than a 3-dimensional work of art. Practically speaking, we sometimes need a break from paintings, prints and mirrors throughout our home. By adding depth, texture and a true sense of “space” with sculpture, we create a dimensional focal point.

Even floor sculpture can accent a wall, while anchoring your room and generating height. Such works can transform a lonely corner into a feast for the eyes.


Wall sculpture can often replace furniture. How about substituting a headboard with metal or organic wall hangings? The boundaries of art, design and furniture work best when they’e blurred.


Glass is a beautiful medium that adds dimension and luminosity to your environment. Whether it be on a wall, pedestal or table top, glass brings color, joy and a room.

Take charge, go for the gusto of contour and break free from the 2-dimensional norm!